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Arch 22 is a commemorative arch on the road into Banjul in the Gambia. It was built in 1996 to mark the military coup d’etat of July 22, 1994, through which Yahya Jammeh  and his Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council overthrew the democratically elected Gambian government. The Arch stands on the Banjul-Serrekunda Highway, near the traffic island at the intersection with Box Bar Road, Independence Drive, and Marina Parade. A statue of the “unknown soldier” can be seen near the base of the arch: the soldier has a rifle strapped t his back and carries a baby in one hand while signaling victory  with the other.


The old Fort of James Island (re-named Kunta Kinteh Island in Gambia) is located about 30 km upstream on the river and is home to the ruins which once belonged to colonial Britain. This was the last bit of African soil that many slaves saw before being transported in the bowels of transatlantic slave ships to the Americas. The area was ‘discovered’ in 1456 by the Portuguese navigators Antoniotti Usodimare and Captains Luiz de Cadamosto on their second expedition up the river Gambia. They called it St. Andrews Island supposedly after a sailor who had died and was buried there. The name was later changed by later European colonialist


The Kachikally Museum is a community run ethnographic museum and is within the Kachikally complex layout. The museum was open to the public in 2004, and has on display a collection of about 1,000 historic artifacts kept in four African round huts, which details the history of the Bakau area and displays cultural objects from many of the ethnic groups of The Gambia. The exhibits are divided into various sections: local crafts, music, agriculture, initiation rites and traditional medicine. The museum has a staff of around a dozen, which is headed by the chief custodian, and the exhibits are also under the trusteeship of the Bojang Family of Bakau.


The National Museum of The Gambia is a good example of a museum that combines art, culture and history together. It is located at the heart of Independent Drive, Banjul. Everywhere museum is a popular center for tourists since it is a place they can learn more about the history, culture and tradition of their visiting country, community or village. It is always fun and interesting, thought might be fearful, when you visit any destination’s museum seeing some of the historical pictures and collection of various items. More so, it is in the museum that you will see the original collected items that point out the history of the land they represent.